Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) in Electronics

YEAR II:Double Majors

Same as B.Sc.

YEAR II:Double Majors

Same as B.Sc. (Double Major Physics & Computer Science)

YEAR II: Diploma Holders

Code Description Semester
P 231 Electromagnetism and Circuit Theory B
P 238 Introductory Electronics B
M 2402 Linear Algebra B
M 2403 Calculus IIA B
M 2404 Calculus IIB B
CS 2410 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics B
CS 2431 Programming Fundamentals B
CS 2432 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming B
CS 1401 Introduction to Computing and Information Technology B
ST 2412 Introduction to Probability B
P 220 Electronics Laboratory AB


Code Description Semester
EE 3300 Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation A
EE 3301 Analogue Circuit Design B
EE 3304 Electrical Circuit Analysis A
EE 3305 Principles of Microprocessors A
EE 3308 Analogue Communications A
EE 3309 Digital Communications B
EE 3311 Semiconductor Electronics B
CS 3240 Practicals in Networking: Basic Routing B
CS 3400 Data Structures and Algorithms B
CS 3420 Computer Organization and Architecture B
CS 3421 Operating Systems I B
CS 3441 Computer Communication and Networks I B
M 3403 Differential Equations I B


Code Description Semester
EE 4210 Workshop Practice
EE 4300 Electronic Materials and Devices
EE 4301 Digital Circuit Design
EE 4302 Radio Wave Transmission and Propagation
EE 4303 Engineering Study Project
EE 4306 Principles of Automatic Control
EE 4310 Engineering Management I
CS 4420 Advanced Topics in Computer System
CS 4442 Cryptography and Network Security
M 4401 Ordinary Differential Equations
M 4407 Mathematical Methods

Code Elective Courses Semester
CS 4432 Management Information Systems
CS 4440 Practicals in Networking
P 331 Electromagnetic Theory I


Code Description Semester
EE 5301 Digital Control
EE 5302 Telecommunication Systems
EE 5305 VLSI Design
EE 5310 Engineering Management II
EE 5900 Individual Project
EE 5999 Industrial Attachment

Elective Courses

Code Description Semester
EE 5303 Discrete-time Signal Processing
EE 5307 Video Techniques and Engineering
CS 5401 Special Topics in Computer Science
CS 5440 Networks Management