Doctorate (PhD) Degree Programs

8.1 Streams:
The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in the Department of Physics & Electronics can be studied in one of the three main research programs:
8.1.1 PhD in Sustainable Energy
8.1.2 PhD in Applied Physics
8.1.3 PhD in Electronics/Communications Engineering

8.2 General PhD Degree Regulations

8.2.1 Introduction

These regulations should be read in conjunction with the National University of Lesotho’s General Academic Regulations for the Doctorate Degrees by Research.

8.2.2 Registration

Application for admission with the necessary supporting documents must be made to the Assistant Registrar (Academic) on the appropriate form.

8.2.3 Entry Requirements

For entry into a given PhD program, the candidate must possess a Masters’ degree in the relevant research area or equivalent

8.2.4 Duration of the Program

The minimum period of registration for the degree of PhD is three years of full-time study, with a maximum of five years.

8.2.5 Degree Structure

The program will consist of a Thesis of 120 credits made up of research work equivalent to 20 credits per semester.

8.2.6 Oral Examination

At the end of Year I and Year II, the candidate is required to orally present the work carried up to date to the departmental seminar / board (mini viva voce)

8.2.7 Publication

The thesis must constitute a substantial contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the subject chosen `and the candidate must have at least one publication resulting from the work in order to graduate

8.2.8 PhD Research Thesis At the close of the period of research (usually Year III) and after consultation with the appointed advisor/supervisor, a candidate will be expected to submit, with the advisor/supervisor’s approval, a thesis to Examiners (one external and one internal) The candidate must satisfactorily defend the findings of the thesis before the Examiners (main viva voce). The student should address the comments by the Examiners before submitting the final thesis document. The student should submit 3 bound copies and a soft copy of the corrected Thesis document, together with an extended abstract of the research work to the Department. Only after these submissions have been accepted by the Examiners may the candidate be admitted into a PhD Degree.