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20th - 25th February 2017

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The course aims to introduce students to different aspects of solar energy. It consists of an introductory study of solar thermal systems and covers a wide range of solar related topics. It will give an insight into solar resource assessment including standard solar measurement instruments, satellite derived solar data, solar modelling software and solar maps and layers. Basic principles of thermal physics, heat transfer and optics are covered. Technologies such as concentrated solar power (CSP), solar water heaters (SWH) and solar cooking are also covered. Fundamental properties such as spectral distribution and air mass will be defined. The topics covered will range from the fundamentals and latest advances in thermal uses of solar energy such as solar heating, cooking and drying as well as concentrated solar thermal power plants.

What you'll learn

  • the fundamentals of solar radiation and the measuring techniques used to monitor
  • the basic working principles of solar thermal collection and its different applications such as solar heating (passive vs. active), solar heat for industrial processes
  • The working principles of concentrating solar thermal power plants.
  • The students will learn how to estimate the efficiency for each of the covered systems

Meet the instructors

Dr. M.S. Fabiane

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Prof. B.M. Taele

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Length 5.5 days
Credits 44 hours
Price-Certificate of Attendance M4000
Price-Certificate of CompetenceM6000


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