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Start on 20th - 25th March 2017

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This course covers the design and installation of photovoltaic (PV) systems, and involves actual hands-on work with PV systems and equipment. This program is intended for contractors, electricians, utilities, engineers and other practitioners, with an overall goal of developing "system-knowledgeable" professionals to help ensure the safety and quality of PV system installations. The course format includes a balance of classroom instruction and student-interactive exercises. These exercises include hands-on and demonstration laboratories that simulate the process of designing, installing and commissioning PV systems, and are intended to develop the participant's working knowledge of PV systems and equipment. An emphasis is placed on code compliance and accepted state-of-the-art industry design and installation practice. Case studies that exemplify photovoltaic installation are presented. The case studies explored rely heavily upon the Code of Practice and what is considered to be best practice. In addition to the course manuals provided to all participants, the following two references are recommended for this course

What you'll learn

  • Determine the available solar resource and conduct site assessments for PV installations.
  • Characterize the performance and operating characteristics of PV system and components.
  • Determine appropriate code-compliant configurations for PV systems and equipment.
  • Plan and prepare for PV system installations, including customer relations, developing performance expectations, responsibilities and schedule.
  • Implement and modify, as required, mechanical designs for PV systems that meet the performance, architectural and structural requirements for given applications.
  • Implement and modify, as required, electrical designs for PV systems that meet the safety, code-compliance and functional requirements for given applications.
  • Conduct acceptance tests and inspections, and commission PV system installations
  • Evaluate, troubleshoot, and maintain PV systems.
  • In-depth health and safety issues and requirements that are pertinent to the solar workplace (Lesotho Code of Practice for PV Installers requirements)

Meet the instructors

Prof. B.M. Taele

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Dr. M. Mpholo

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Mr. T.D. Molapo

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Length 5.5 days
Credits 44 hours
Price-Certificate of Attendance M4000
Price-Certificate of CompetenceM6000


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