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20th - 25th March 2017

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This module deals with the harvesting of energy from wind. It addresses the availability of the resources, the types of systems and machines, their capabilities and limitations, the processes of setting up such systems, and their associated costs and environmental impacts.

What you'll learn

  • Wind energy conversion principles; power and energy, capacity factor, turbine types, aerodynamics and control concepts, blades and rotors
  • Wind turbine technologies; system components, drive-train and generators, power curve, turbine development
  • Wind resource; wind power, wind resource assessment, site identification
  • Wind project development process; wind farm (focus on resource assessment and forecasting), small systems (home system design and special consideration for small wind resource assessment)
  • Power quality and grid integration; wind variability, turbine power-train and power quality, grid code
  • Managing variability; network management, reserve capacity, phases of penetration, capacity credit and margins, value of wind in the grid, cost of variability
  • Socio-economic and environmental factors; financial (structure, tariff, O&M), social (impacts, industrial development, job creation, energy payback), environmental

Meet the instructors

Dr. M. Mpholo

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Mr. T.D. Molapo

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Length 5.5 days
Credits 44 hours
Price-Certificate of Attendance M4000
Price-Certificate of CompetenceM6000


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